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Frequently Asked Questions

Dietary supplements are crucial vitamins and minerals that are needed for proper and healthy bodily functions. Supplements primarily function to ensure that your body is getting all the essential nutrients it needs and optimizes health. 

This one can be a little confusing, but these are terms that serve as recommendations for how many/how much of the supplement(s) you should take. RDA stands for the “Recommended Dietary Allowance” and DV stands for the “Daily Value.” 

Our supplements are made in the USA, are lab-tested, USDA Organic, FDA-certified, and GMP-certified. 

The best way to describe a nutraceutical is that it is a “medical food.” It is a functional and edible nutrient that serves to optimize your health. 

Do not self diagnose! Communicate with your health care provider to determine which supplement prioritizes your health best.  It is important to discuss with your health care provider before taking a supplement, especially when they need to be taken with food.

We offer a variety of medical-grade supplements that address conditions such as insomnia and mineral deficiencies. A couple of supplements we offer are:

Plant-Based Proteins

Weight Management

Muscle Supporting

Pre/Post Workout